Who Won The Lottery? Secret Formula Unveiled

Who Won The LotteryHow many times have you wondered… who

won the lottery… then asked yourself, why not

me… You can take luck out of this equation

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I’m going to show you a formula that has shown to win… 8 out of 10 times.


An MIT Professor spent years perfecting this formula… In case

you don’t know what MIT is… MIT is a world renowned Institute

of Technology. Crunching numbers in equations is an everyday

task at this Institute.


From this day forward when the question is asked… “Who Won

the Lottery”… the answer will be your name!


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Who Won The Biggest Lottery Ever

  I had to do some research on this and all of my information

comes from reliable sources. My main sources were

wikipedia articles and top news articles from major news

companies such as CNBC and others. It is comprehensible

when people who won the lottery, remain anonymous when winning a large

sum of money.

It is widely considered that a jackpot in the Spanish Christmas Lottery of Spain,

is the World’s largest lottery. In 2012 the main jackpot was US$941.8 million.

 Mega Millions now has the two largest lottery jackpots ever in America, but

Powerball has the next four.

 On 18 May 2013 a Florida women “Gloria MacKenzie” was the single ticket

holder of the US$590.5 million jackpot. Zephyrhills Florida, population 13,337,

is about 30 miles northeast of downtown Tampa. It was in that city, at a Publix

supermarket, where the winning ticket was sold. Gloria was 84 years young at

the date of this life changing event.

Win Playing The Lotto


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